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Weiser Ceiling Fan
Harrell Rafters
4077 Interior
Weiser Fireplace
Auburn Fireplace

John Lucas Architect is a design-oriented sole proprietorship with an extensive background in providing professional services for mid-scale residential, commercial and civic projects.

Located in New Bern, NC the practice offers Comprehensive Architectural Services within the Coastal Carolina area that consist of Site Analysis, Design and Design Development, preparation of Construction Documents, aid in Contractor Selection and Construction Inspection.

The production of Architecture is a complex art requiring thorough attention to site, client needs and preferences, budget, materials, technology and beauty.
Each client is unique. Each project is unique. Our approach is to attempt to identify the most enduring aspects of a particular project through dialogue with the client and through careful design explorations. Our process is not fast track but is low-tech and high-quality. It involves serious repetitive drawing and modeling as a method of visualizing the most effective design possible for a given context. We draw from an array of successful built projects and from work on numerous speculative national competitions.

While most of our projects have been principal residences, multi-family housing or civic facilities, no project is too small to deserve professional attention. Our portfolio includes decks, house additions, gardens and individual memorials. Our central interest is in providing you the client, and the public, with the most satisfying and uplifting built places possible…places that will support and enhance daily life.

Although having received numerous awards for building design, three of Mr. Lucas’ most significant projects are commemoration-related outdoor civic architecture endeavors: the 1987 design for Songs of Selma Urban Park at the site from which Martin Luther King, Jr. led the famous 1965 march to Montgomery, the 1996 design of the World War II Memorial (and World War I Shrine restoration) at the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg, PA, and the 1989 national competition-winning design (with colleagues Don Leon, Veronica Lucas and Eliza Pennypacker) for the Korean War Veterans Memorial sited on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

(See: EIDOS:Angels and Archetypes in Architecture by John Paul Lucas at /bookstore)

Bingham / Pi HouseBingham/Pi House (1985) Harriman Solar HouseHarriman Solar House (1982) Samford Solar AdditionSamford Solar Addition (1986) Branch RoadhouseBranch Roadhouse (1994)
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