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That you are reviewing this site indicates that you recognize there are advantages to working with a professional. But specifically, what does a qualified architect offer?

An architect is experienced at recognizing often overlooked qualities of a site and can uncover site possibilities for building or for adding to a building that others may not see.
An architect understands the principles of energy-conscious design and can discuss building orientation, envelope and material in terms of climate.

An architect recognizes potential indoor-to-outdoor relationships.
An architect can organize chaotic room configurations, proximities and dimensions into functional and visually ordered form.

An architect develops a meaningful relationship of a building to the earth and sky, aesthetically and structurally.
An architect thoughtfully configures and locates windows and doors for qualities of light, ventilation and views.

An architect can make a small room seem larger or a large room encourage intimacy.
An architect strives to coordinate building space, structure, material and technical systems into a coherent whole.

An architect develops special locations within a building and site that provide delight, revealed over time.
An architect is your agent during construction to assure quality control.

Architect designed homes maintain their value and often sell for 5-15% more than conventional builder homes of similar size.
There are many additional design skills and ideas provided by an architect, and fees are less than often thought. You can afford to hire an architect and thereby raise the value and quality of your environmental investment.

SAMPLE PROJECTS (click on title)
Poolhouse, New Bern, NC (2010)
Sidecar House, New Bern, NC (2009)
River Ridge, New Bern, NC (2007)
Susannah’s House, PA Furnace (2001)
PA WW II Memorial, Boalsburg, PA (1997)
Canal Town Sr. Housing, Ches. City, MD (1994)
Branch Roadhouse, State College, PA (1994)
Korean War Veterans Memorial, D. C. (1989)
Songs of Selma, Selma, AL (1987)
Samford Residence, Auburn, AL (1986)
Bingham/Pi House, Port Deposit, MD (1985)
Harriman House, Chesapeake Isle, MD (1982)
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from more then 100 career projects:
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Bayfield Solar House, Bedford, PA (2005)*
Weiser Residence/Poolhouse Julian, PA (2003)
Chicago Schools Design Competition (2000)*
Red Cross Office, State College, PA (1999)*
Pine Springs Camp, Jennerstown, PA (1998)
Glenwood Village Ctr. Design Comp., IL (1997)*
Koberna Residence, Oak Hall, PA (1997)*
Airwalk Shoes R&D Int., Boalsburg, PA (1997)
Korean American Museum Comp., CA (1997)*
PA Military Museum Add., Boalsburg, PA (1996)*
Irwin Residence, State College, PA (1995)*
Eisenhower Chapel Proposal, PSU (1995)*
Palmer Apartments, Elkton, MD (1992)
House 508, Chesapeake City, MD (1989)
Activity Center, Elkton, MD (1984)
The Pell Gardens, Chesapeake City, MD (1982)
Helen Titter Memorial in Pell Gardens (1984)
Del. Express Trkg. Office, Elkton, MD (1982)
Harrisburg House, Charlotte, NC (1977)
Haynes House, Wake Forest, NC (1975)
* (denote designed but currently un-built)
ADDITIONAL WORKS (contact us for information)

Airwalk R&D OfficeAIRWALK R&D Office Chicago SchoolsChicago Schools Palmer ApartmentsPalmer Apartments Activity CenterActivity Center
Reeder Deck / BoathouseReeder Deck/Boathouse Bayfield Solar HouseBayfield Solar House Welser ResidenceWelser Residence House 508House 508
Pell GardensThe Pell Gardens Pine Springs CampPine Springs Camp Cleaver Renovation / AdditionCleaver Renovation/Addition Fields-Wallace ResidenceFields-Wallace Residence